Klickl Wallet — Buy, Store, Swap And Spend Your Crypto The most secure crypto wallet App you need to take control of your digital assets.
Empowering Anyone to Buy or Sell Crypto with their Local Fiat Currency
Choose among 36+ cryptocurrencies on 10+ blockchains via cards, bank transfers and other localised payment methods in 200+ countries
Klickl Wallet - The Best Platform to
Onboard Users into the Web3
Digital Assets World
Stable Coins
What You Can Do in the Wallet
Deposit and Store Crypto or Fiat

The All in One Wallet that allows you to store both crypto and fiat

Buy Crypto with Fiat

Select the preferred local payment method and buy your crypto

Accept or Pay in Crypto or Fiat

Perform Cross border, domestic collections or payments; accept or pay in crypto or Fiat

Klickl and Earn

Buy your Crypto and deposit to earn rewards. Choose from 36+ cryptocurrencies

Crypto Spending Simplified

Deposit crypto into the Klickl Card and spend it in 200+ countries that support Visa and MasterCard

Open Multi Currency Accounts without Travelling

Create multiple currency bank accounts at the click of a button

The Klickl Card
Seamlessly convert your cryptocurrencies to Fiat
  • Deposit your cryptocurrency to Klickl Card
  • Spend in more than 200 countries
  • Support VISA and MasterCard
Download the Klickl Wallet App and Start your Web3 Journey Today
The most secure crypto wallet App you need to take control of your digital assets