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One-click purchase of multiple mainstream cryptocurrencies without the need to create an exchange account
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Why buy coins with Klickl Pay?
Lowest rate
A large number of acceptors to achieve the lowest exchange price
Highest efficiency
There is no complex review process of centralized exchanges, and one-click purchase of coins is realized
Global T+0 real-time settlement, unlimited transaction size
Your future digital bank
The dual-core driver of decentralized wallet account and centralized wallet account perfectly solves the safe storage and flexible transaction of your digital assets
Multi-chain wallet, simple and easy to use
Multi-chain and multi-asset, one wallet, with nearly 100 mainstream assets, safe management of multi-chain assets, and easy transaction completion
Open source wallet, safe and secure
Self-sustained private key, multi-layer encryption, real-time viewing, 100% mastery of your assets
Buy, store, send and exchange tokens
Available as a mobile app, Klickl Pay provides you with key vaults, secure logins, token wallets and token exchanges - everything you need to manage your digital assets
Explore blockchain applications
Klickl Pay provides the easiest yet most secure way to connect to blockchain based applications. Asset storage, trading, social networking, asset management, and more are always under your control when interacting on the new decentralized network