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What is Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrencies are transacted on a public blockchain that unlike Fiat currencies can be tracked and monitored by anyone hence making it a transparent and secured mode of transaction that is decentralized at the same time. At the same time, this reduces easy government interference or susceptibility to corruption.

Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, one can potentially achieve lucrative high yeilds by speculating in the trading of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum being by far the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and the rest of the popular cryptocurrencies can be conveniently purchased using the Klickl Wallet platform.

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Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

You can buy hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the Klickl exchange using over 30 fiat currencies or by swapping them with other popular crypto assets like BTC, ETH, USDT.

Can I use my credit card to buy Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can buy crypto with a debit/credit card. Klickl Wallet supports the use of Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and more for the purchase of crypto. If your local fiat currency is not supported, you can convert or swap your crypto for crypto using Klickl Convert or our trading terminal.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet stores digital assets, such as your private keys, ensuring your cryptocurrencies are kept safe and accessible. There are several types of wallets, including hardware wallets, web or mobile wallets, and exchange wallets like your Klickl wallet.

What are the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in today?

What are the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in today? According to market capitalization or total circulation value, top cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and XRP (XRP). However, like all cryptocurrencies, the above are also volatile and carry investment risks. Therefore, before investing in any, you should do your own research (DYOR) and evaluate your risk appetite before proceeding.