One platform with unlimited solution
Payment gateway: Encrypted payment processor can help any type of online enterprises accept encrypted payment, and solve the problem of merchant collection through easy access.
Asset custody: Revitalize customers' precipitation funds, make operation more convenient and increase value more flexibly.
Payment gateway
Break the dilemma of traditional merchants transferring funds and open up a new generation of payment pattern
Collection is so simple
It supports nearly 100 kinds of encrypted assets including BTC, ETH and USDT, as well as various legal currencies such as USD and dirham.
Excellent service is at your fingertips
Convenient access
It provides API, App SDK, and platform plug-ins to minimize business development and offer quick access
Risk isolation
decentralized code payment + overseas account system, absolutely isolated from capital risk
Aggregated payment
It supports digital currency payment, API legal tender payment, cross-platform payment and offline code scanning payment, and provides a variety of payment and collection schemes, which can also be customized.
Comprehensive service
Its 7*24-hour customer service provides effective solutions for optimizing your business operation.
Autonomy and security
It has a complete business background system, which can be deployed independently, and each transaction order can be viewed
Accounts settlement
By utilising blockchain technology, all transactions performed are traceable, anonymous, instantly reflected and fiat withdrawals are promptly debited to client bank accounts
Cooperation docking process
Establish group communication
The payment platform provides a form and the merchant fills in relevant information
Boot docking
After the test background is opened on the payment platform, the mailbox of merchant will receive the background login URL, account number and password
USDT-ERC20 test currency is provided in the test background for testing
The process is consistent with that of opening the test background
Open the door to global business opportunities
Asset custody
It provides one-stop housekeeping service for institutional customers. It helps customers maximize the efficiency of capital allocation through centralized management of multi-accounts, automatic cash withdrawal and transfer, and increase of intelligent deposit interest.
  • Host your assets in a regulated environment
  • More diversified investment options can be obtained
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Cold wallet management can guarantee 100% asset security
  • A user interface that allows you to control assets
  • Quick withdrawal procedure
  • Each customer account is equipped with a special customer relationship manager